January 27, 2009

Pár náhodně vybraných kulinářských zastavení z posledních týdnů. Z různých důvodů jsem se rozhodla dát si na chvíli od vaření pauzu, to ale neznamená, že sem přece jen čas od času něco nepřibude. Voilá.

A few randomly selected treats from the past few weeks. For a variety of reasons, I decided to take a little break from cooking, yet this does not mean that I will stop updating the blog altogether. Here we go:

I had no choice but to bake cranberry muffins after receiving these irresistible silicone baking baskets from a friend for my B-day. Great for breakfast, they were.

This is hand-made, hand-rolled fresh pasta with herbs and black pepper. A world of difference from its prefabricated cousin, it was delicious with just a little butter and fresh parmasan cheese.

Homemade paté of chicken livers and almonds. Again, incomparable to the stuff bought in stores. Top picture shows it right after being made and finished with a layer of melted butter, bottom picture was taken the morning after when I had it for breakfast.

Another homemade treat - two versions of cheese, one with black pepper and herbs (in the background, out of focus) the second one (my favourite) with dried apricots, cranberries, and rolled in roughly chopped hazelnuts. Simple, delicious, the way to start a day.